Altum® Pedicle Osteotomy System

The Altum® Pedicle Osteotomy System is a sterile, single-use surgical device that provides the implants and instruments necessary to perform the pedicle lengthening osteotomy procedure.The system includes three single-use, disposable trays.

How Altum Works

Not only is Altum minimally invasive, it also is extremely simple for the surgeon to use.

Step 1:
Pedicle Prepartion

Using our proprietary reamer, ream the pedicle using an approach similar to like a percutaneous pedicle screw.

Step 2:
Pedicle Osteotomy

Perform the osteotomy by cutting the base of the pedicle using our Altum® Bone Saw.

Step 3:
Pedicle Legthening

Lengthen the pedicles using the Altum Bone Implant. The Altum Implant is made out of medical grade Ti-6Al-4V.

Altum Implant Features

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