Altum® Pedicle Osteotomy System

DISCLAIMER: The Altum® Pedicle Osteotomy System ("Altum")is an experimental technology that is not currently available for human use. The purposes of this page are for information purposes only about the treatment methodology and the underlying technology.

How Altum Works

The Altum® Pedicle Osteotomy System is a sterile, single-use surgical device that provides the implants and instruments necessary to perform the pedicle lengthening osteotomy procedure.The system includes three single-use, disposable trays. Each tray corresponds to a step in the pedicle lengthening osteotomy procedure.

Step 1:
Pedicle Prepartion

Using our proprietary reamer, ream the pedicle using an approach similar to like a percutaneous pedicle screw.

Step 2:
Pedicle Osteotomy

Perform the osteotomy by cutting the base of the pedicle using our Altum® Bone Saw.

Step 3:
Pedicle Legthening

Lengthen the pedicles using the Altum Bone Implant. The Altum Implant is made out of medical grade Ti-6Al-4V.

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