At ISD, Our Medical Technologies Are:

Patient Driven

At ISD, we are inspired to deliver innovation to improve the quality of life for our patients with spinal disorders and to serve the surgeons and healthcare professionals who treat them.

The Altum Pedicle Osteotomy For Stenosis Trial Is Currently Enrolling Patients:  Click Here To Learn More


From the beginning, ISD has focused on delivering innovative product solutions to provide an improvement in the quality of life for our patients and to serve the surgeons and healthcare professionals who support them.

We are a small but rapidly growing company located in Bloomington, IN. ISD’s expertise is in designing, manufacturing and commercializing high quality spine products.

Our Products:


Always Ready For Surgery

True Tulip’s single-use, sterile disposable instrumentation is always ready for surgical use for your thoracolumbar spinal fixation cases.

Ready For Surgery

"Case-In-A-Box" - All Instruments and implants are provided new, sterilized, and ready for surgery. Increase the efficiency of your OR staff by eliminating the delay of waiting for trays.

Optimized OR Turn-around

Eliminate replenishment and processing delays in between cases with our sterile, traceable kits.

Reduce Risk Of Cross Contamination

Reduce the risk of cross-contamination with our single-use, sterile instruments and implants.

Reduce SPD Costs

Save money in your hospital by reducing your preoperative sterilization, wrapping, and handling costs.

Altum Pedicle Osteotomy System

The next step forward for degenerative lumbar spinal surgery. With the Altum implant, surgeons can perform a minimally invasive osteotomy at the base of the pedicle and then use the Altum implant to lengthen the pedicles.

Altum is NOT approved for use in the United States. Altum is currently undergoing an IDE Study for submission as a PMA device.



Do you have an idea for a product that is just on paper or in your head?  Do you have a design or CAD drawing but don’t know how to move your project forward?  If so, you should consider ISD for your next project.  We can help you move the development process forward quickly – and help you potentially save time and money in the process.

Design Consulting

Hire our experts for your next medical device design project. Move from concept to CAD to final part ready for prototyping with the help of our automated software and technology-driven manufacturing equipment.

Rapid Prototyping

Work with us to speed up your development process. We can provide you precision machined physical prototypes within days to allow you to iterate rapidly

Contract Manufacturing

We can allow you to scale your business at a fraction of the cost of manufacturing in-house.

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